Varonis DatAdvantage for Exchange


Microsoft Exchange installations containing huge amounts of semi-structured data can present immense protection and management challenges:

•    Permissions: Determining who has access to Exchange mailboxes and public folders, including shared and delegated mailbox permissions.
•    Access Auditing: IT can’t answer pressing questions like, “Who accessed my email or calendar?” or “Who sent email on my behalf?”
•    Data Ownership: IT can’t reliably identify business owners of public folder data, and even some mailboxes.
•    Operational: Manual permissions and group changes are untested and unreliable.
•    High Risk: Stale, excess permissions are rarely revoked. Data open to the Anonymous group can be difficult to identify and remediate. Critical data is exposed.


Varonis DatAdvantage for Exchange addresses these challenges by aggregating Active Directory user and group details, mailbox and public folder permissions, and Exchange event information to build a complete picture of who can and who is accessing email and other Exchange data, and who should have their access revoked. It also leads IT to rightful data owners, so the right people can ensure appropriate access and usage.