Varonis IDU Classification Framework®


A single terabyte of data usually contains about 50,000 folders; many are likely to contain files that might be considered sensitive. Data classification technology promises to help find sensitive files, but finding them is just the beginning. Then, the really difficult challenges arise:
•    Who has access to them?
•    Who is using them?
•    Who owns them?
•    Where are they most at risk?
•    Which ones are stale?
•    Policy Enforcement: How can we make sure data owners and end users adhere to organizational policies?


The Varonis IDU Classification Framework addresses these challenges by providing visibility into the content of data across file systems and SharePoint sites, and then integrating it into the Varonis Metadata Framework™. Classification information is then presented in the DatAdvantage interface, enabling actionable intelligence for data governance, including a prioritized list of those folders with the most exposed permissions AND containing the most sensitive data, who has access to that data, who is using it, who owns it, and how to effectively limit access without disrupting business processes.